12kw Air Conditioning Energy Assessment

In a nutshell, a basic air conditioning split-system consists of an indoor ceiling or wall mounted unit linked by black insulated pipes to an outdoor condenser. The condenser is usually a large white box mounted on a wall or flat roof with an internal fan that runs to disperse heat.

One of those systems, say, in an office or conference room, will deliver around 4 kilowatts (kW) of cooling into that area regardless of whether or not it provides heat as well. Where the total cooling capacity of all systems in a building exceeds 12kW, then an energy assessment is mandatory. Often clients will have been told that a single system needs to be in excess of 12 kW but that is not the case. It is the sum total of them all.

In some cases an air handling unit (AHU) will have been fitted to a building. This is a larger unit on a roof that takes fresh air, cools it and then disperses it through ducting to rooms in the building. Generally, by design, an AHU will have a greater cooling capacity than 12 kW.

If you are in doubt as to what equipment you have then ring and we will help determine its size. If we are still unsure at that stage, then one of our engineers will call in when passing to have a look with you

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